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EMBL Conference: 8th Congress of the International BioIron Society

EMBL Conference: 8th Congress of the International BioIron Society ATC, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, 5 – 10 May 2019

Final Program – BioIron 2019 Final Program.pdf

Poster Listing – BioIron 2019 Poster listing.pdf

Educational day talks

1. BioIron; Origin, chemical properties and evolution – Kostas Pantopoulos

2. Iron transport proteins: Gateways of cellular and systemic iron homeostasis Mitchell Knutson

3. Mechanisms controlling cellular iron homeostasis in mammals Rick Eisenstein

4. Systemic iron homeostasis Jodie Babitt

5. Genetic diseases causing iron deficiency and overload: Two faces of the same coin Laura Silvestri

6. Erythropoiesis and iron metabolism: Crosstalk, implications, and therapeutic options in iron loading anemias Yelena Ginzburg

7. Iron in cancer, infection, kidney and liver diseases: Innocent bystander or therapeutic target?  Igor Theurl and Heinz Zoller

8. The pathophysiology and diagnosis of iron deficiency and anaemia in populations and patients  Sant-Rayn Pasricha

9. Nutritional (dietary) and “functional” deficiencies in the first and third world Michael Zimmerman

10. Open questions in basic and clinical iron research Tomas Ganz

EMBL COURSE Techniques for Studying Iron in Health and Disease

  1. EMBL Course – Introduction to practicals and experimental protocols
  2. EMBL Course – Introduction to practicals- class presentations
  3. EMBL Course – Techniques for Studying Iron in Health and Disease – Introductory lectures

Ask the Master


1. Marcel Simon Award presentation 

2. Award ceremony presentation

Poster Awards

Camile Link 
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Molecular mechanisms of Hepcidin-induced Ferroportin-downregulation
Poster 256 

Joseph Olivera
University of Florida, USA
In vivo pancreatic ß cell-specific overexpression of ZIP14 results in ß-cell iron accumulation and diabetes in iron-loaded mice
Poster 291 

Podium Awards

Joseph Frost
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Iron powers adaptive immune responses to immunisations and influenza virus                                       Podium 99 

Nunziata Maio                                                                                                                               
National Institutes of Health, USA                                                                                             
Absence of iron-responsive element-binding protein 2 causes a novel neurodegenerative syndrome                                                                                       
Podium 64

Eliezer Rachmilewitz Award (New Award)

Paolo Porporato
University of Turin, Italy
Dysregulated iron metabolism promotes cancer cachexia
Poster 303

Meeting photos:

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EMBL COURSE Techniques for Studying Iron in Health and Disease (Updated Course Description) January 17, 2019

October 19th, 2018: President letter summary of 2018

EMBL CONFERENCE 8th Congress of the International BioIron Society: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2019/BIR19-01/

EMBL Brochure (PDF): Congress-International-BioIron-Society-2019