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Haemochromatosis International publishes recommendations for the treatment of haemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis Association/Society/Patient group

Haemochromatosis International’s major project, to establish and publish a set of widely supported recommendations for the treatment of haemochromatosis is now complete. This is the result of many months of consultation and consensus with a wide range of the world’s haemochromatosis experts. We believe that this material will be useful for patients and health professionals.

Therapeutic recommendations in HFE hemochromatosis for p.Cys282Tyr (C282Y/C282Y) homozygous genotype” was published recently in the journal Hepatology International with free public access. The publication can be downloaded free.

Click here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12072-018-9855-0

Paulo Santos


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